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  • balance: 400 NIS
  • validity: 23/10/2023


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nutritional Information

The lifestyle has a significant impact on longevity and quality.

Dietary habits play a significant and major role in this task.

Eating habits are influenced by many factors, including physiological, emotional, social needs, preferences

Personality, health status, level of exercise, sex, age and more.

Aroma Israel has a wide variety of dishes and products (some are fixed and some vary, depending on the seasons)

A variety that allows for custom changes and assembly of dishes.

Ensuring the use of fresh, high-quality raw materials and the preparation of salads and sandwiches on site,

Only after ordering,

It also contributes to the enjoyment of fresh and tasty while maintaining the best values

The nutritional value of the ingredients.

We are proud of the transparency and publicity (since 2005) of the nutritional values and ingredients of the dishes,

In brochures, on the website and in the application-

This allows you to make an informed choice according to your personal preferences.

Over the years we improve and upgrade the dishes by choosing quality raw materials,

Reduction of preservatives and processed substances, reduction of sodium, sugar and more.

We will continue to update, improve, renew and refresh the selection presented to you.

You are welcome to use the information.

Wishing you, especially these days,

Lots of health and enjoyment from a rich, delicious and nutritious menu.


Michal Daphne Ben Arush

Dietitian – Aroma Espresso Bar

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