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To find out the balance on Aroma cards, enter the number on the card, to the left of the hyphen

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  • balance: 400 NIS
  • validity: 23/10/2023


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Our Chocolate Chip cookie recipe

Ingredients to have on hand

300 grams of unmelted butter

185 grams of sugar

225 grams of dark brown sugar

2 eggs

400 grams of sifted flour

A pinch of salt

10 grams of baking powder

250 grams of chocolate chips


In a mixer, combine sugars and butter. Add the eggs and mix until well combined.

Add the flour, salt, baking powder and finally the chocolate chips, and mix until a uniform mixture is obtained.

It is recommended to roll the mixture on a floured surface and freeze.

Cut the mixture to a thickness of 2 cm and bake on baking paper at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.

Let cookies cool upon removing from the oven.


Bakers recommendations

Replace chocolate chips with chocolate cubes, or colored candy- if preferred