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  • balance: 400 NIS
  • validity: 23/10/2023


Recent actions

social responsibility

We work in a number of ways to implement and promote our social responsibility, mainly by leveraging the network’s daily meeting points  with the branches customers and the community

We chose to focus on people with disabilities and work to promote and integrate them into Israeli society, believing that every person can and deserves to integrate into society according to his abilities

Accessible service

All of us want to feel equal. Many of us have physical or mental disability, temporal or permanent. Unfortunately,  not always people with disabilities receive service that accommodates their needs.  Accessibility means to us that all people should be able to live their lives independently and with dignity. Therefore, accessible service is a world view that we have adopted at Aroma, and strive to provide it  at all times.

Our branches have been made accessible in accordance with legal requirements and the guidelines of qualified accessibility experts, both physically and in terms of service accessibility. However, defects of various kinds may be revealed in the branches from time to time. We work tirelessly in order to avoid these defects, and aim to address them as soon as possible whenever they are detected, in order to improve the accessibility of the branches to all our customers. The accessibility arrangements of each branch appear on the branch page on the website, as well as on the accessibility arrangements page in the branches


Adapted menus

All branches offer Braille menus produced by the Central Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired (RA), which operates on a non-profit basis in order to fulfill the right of the blind, visually impaired and people with disabilities to read, educate and enjoy information, culture and current affairs. In addition, there are menus adapted for the visually impaired that were prepared in collaboration with and under the direction of the ‘Bein Hashurot’ ,a graphic design and content studio that was established together with the Shekel Association, and incorporates employees with special need


Induction loop

In each branch, we have placed Induction loop that neutralizes the background noises for hearing-impaired customers who use a hearing aid, which allows them to clearly hear the cashier when ordering at the checkout


Messaging service for deaf and hearing-impaired customers

Most of the branches have a messaging service for deaf and hearing-impaired customers: in addition to taking the customer’s name when ordering at the checkout, the mobile phone number is taken, and when the order is ready, a text message is sent to the customer.  In this way deaf and hearing-impaired customers will know when their order is ready


RightHear device

All branches have a “RightHear” device installed, which helps visually impaired or blind customers connect to an app which helps the customer orient themselves within the branch via vocal instructions. For example, the app will notify the customer where the cash register is positioned, or the distance and direction to the seating area from where the customer is located.


The accessibility coordinator of Aroma Espresso Bar is Noam Gdalyahu, you can contact the following emaill address: or by clicking on the next

Accessibility of the Website

This website’s accessibility has been adjusted according to the recommendations of Israeli Standard (IS) 5568 and AA-level online content accessibility, while including recommendations on dealing with online standardization from the WCAG2.0 document published via the W3C international organization.
The adjustments made to the website were checked with the most common browsers: Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. For a pleasant and optimal experience with screen-reading software, we recommend using NVDA’s most updated version

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