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  • balance: 400 NIS
  • validity: 23/10/2023


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Nutritional information

Nutritional Information And Clarification

  1. Our website contains nutritional information regarding the products sold at the various Aroma branches.
  2. Most of our products are manufactured using fresh ingredients with shifting nutritional value and availability changes, depending on weather and seasonal conditions. We also constantly work to develop and improve our products, including changing ingredients and suppliers, thus the nutritional value and weight of our products as published on the website are representative values, and deviation in both weight and values may result from said changes.
  3. The aforementioned values refer to average portions of the dish in question. It should be stated regardless that changing the portion of the dishes, the baking in the in-branch ovens, preparing and serving could lead to a deviation of up to 20% in presented information and data. There may be a cholesterol difference in dishes containing eggs, according to the eggs’ content.
  4. As mentioned, the content on the website is meant for general and informative purposes only. Said website information is not meant to replace any dietary or medical consultation, and you should refer to a professional for such consultation. Said information on the website should thus not be seen as a medical or dietary recommendation. Any reliance on said information is the sole responsibility of the user.
  5. Defining the products as “light” or “diet” refers to the caloric value of the dish.
  6. Not every product, especially ones marked “diet”, are suited for all people, and there are some who have special requirements. We recommend you inspect the product components according to your medical and professional consultant as it pertains to your specific medical condition.
  7. Most of our dishes are prepared to order in the branch. There is therefore a risk of cross-allergen contamination. For this reason, all our products may contain various kinds of components and allergens.
  8. When it comes to our gluten-free products, the clients are given a choice whether to open the package or not. We emphasize that opening the products at the branch can expose them to allergenic materials, including the gluten in the branches’ kitchens.
  9. The data on the ice drinks are based on average weighing conducted at various branches on various dates. It is important to inform you that these products differ greatly compared to other products we hold due to a wide range of reasons, such as the type of machine and workload during purchasing.
  10. Some of our products contain nuts, almonds and peanuts. It is recommended to prevent kids under the age of 5 from consuming them.
  11. Changes to the product, compounds and content may be made without prior announcement. Values updated for the day of purchase can be received by e-mailing or calling the company (the contact details are on the website).

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