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    To find out the balance on Aroma cards, enter the number on the card, to the left of the hyphen

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    • balance: 400 NIS
    • validity: 23/10/2023


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    Nutritional information and warnings

    The contents of the site are for general and informative purposes only. What is stated on this website does not replace any medical or dietary advice, and a professional should be contacted in order to receive such advice. Therefore, what is said on the website should not be seen for any reason
    Medical or dietary recommendation. All reliance on the information is made at the sole responsibility of the user.

    Although we are proud of the branch staff and their training, they are not a source of any medical, dietary or allergenic information and therefore should not be asked for such information.

    Defining products as “light” or as “diet” refers to the caloric values in a serving.

    The values indicated refer to the average size of a portion. It is clarified that in any case, due to the varying size of the dishes, baking, preparation and personal serving, there may be a deviation of up to 20% in all information and data displayed on the site. Dishes that contain eggs may vary in cholesterol depending on its content in the egg.

    Not every diet product is suitable for those with special requirements such as diabetics. Therefore, the components of the product should be examined in accordance with the recommendations of your medical and professional consultant.

    Please note: All our products may contain components and allergens of various types, including gluten. For details – please check our website and app. Our products are not manufactured in an environment that is clean and isolated from allergens, so the warning applies to all products.

    Ace drink data is based on the average equivalence we performed at different branches and at different times. It is important for us to tell you that the variance in these products is large compared to our other products, and stems from a wide variety of reasons such as the type of machine and the load in the branch at the time of purchase.

    Some of our products may contain nuts of different species, almonds and peanuts. Children up to the age of 5 should be prevented from consuming them.

    Most of our products are made from fresh materials whose availability and nutritional value vary depending on the weather conditions and the seasons. We are also constantly working on the development and improvement of our products, including the replacement of components and suppliers of components. Therefore, the nutritional values and weights of our products advertised on this site are representative values, but there may be a deviation in both the weight and the values resulting from the said changes.

    Changes to the product, its composition and contents, can be made without prior notice. You can receive updated values for the day of consumption by emailing the company via the website or by phone.


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