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    Recent actions

    Social Partnerships

    We work in several ways to implement and promote our social responsibility, mainly by leveraging our network’s daily interactions with the branches customers and the community


    Raising autism awareness

    As part of collaboration with ALUT organization, in the first two weeks of July, which is the beginning of summer vacation, the red beverage caps were replaced with blue ones. The summer vacation, symbolizes for some of the children and adolescents on the autistic continuum a complex period, of loneliness and social disconnection. Using blue, which is the color that symbolizes autism, we want to raise autism awareness.



    Rasing awareness for early detection

    Over the past 6 years, we have been collaborating with the “One in 9” organization, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, we placed informative postcards on all tables with QR codes which conveniently link to a website where testing appointments can be made


    Placing defibrillators outside the branches

    in 2019, the first defibrillator was placed as part of our important collaboration with Maayan Zussman, who lost her partner Dr. Oren Zussman , and with Magen David Adom. As part of this collaboration 15 defibrillators were placed outside branches nationwide. The location of the devices outside the branch allows for lifesaving use even when the branch is inactive.


    Putting the stigmas on the table

    This year, we took part in a special project, “Putting the stigmas on the table.” In collaboration with the Visual Communication Program of the School of Design and Innovation, the College of Management and with JDC Israel, our customers received placemats which were designed by the students, the purpose of which: to shatter stigmas towards people with disabilities.


    ADI cards

    We offer our customers the option of signing an ADI organ donor cards, which can be found in boxes placed at the branches.


    Community time

    We allocate “community time” to non-profit organizations, allowing them to use our plasma screen TVs in the branches, free of charge


    For more information, please contact Noam Gdalyahu, our Social Responsibility Manager and accessibility coordinator at

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