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To find out the balance on Aroma cards, enter the number on the card, to the left of the hyphen

?What is it


  • balance: 400 NIS
  • validity: 23/10/2023


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Our lentil soup recipe

Ingredients to have on hand

1 spoon of olive oil
2 chopped onions , medium size
2 chopped celery stem
1 chopped carrot, medium size
8 mashed garlic cloves
50 g tomato sauce
1 spoon of salt
Pinch of cumin
Pinch of pepper
8.5 glasses of water
2 glasses of orange lentils



.Fry the onions until gliding, add the celery and carrot. Continue frying for an additional 3 minutes

.Add the garlic, tomato sauce and herbs. Continue frying for 2 more minutes

.Add the water and lentils, continue cooking while stirring until the lentils are soften

Best served with fresh lemon slice on the side