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  • balance: 400 NIS
  • validity: 23/10/2023


Recent actions

Declaration of accessibility

Declaration of accessibility to the Aroma Espresso Bar website

Aroma Espresso Bar chose to focus on people with disabilities and work to promote and integrate them into Israeli society, believing that every person can and deserves to integrate into society according to his abilities. With the growth of the network, the employment of people with disabilities has expanded and today they are employed in the network’s factories and in most of its branches.

On this website you can read a lot of information about Aroma Espresso Bar, about the location of the cafes, the various menus offered in them and more. Also, through the website you can contact the company staff online, check the balance of the Aroma Card and the option to download the Aroma Espresso Bar app directly to your mobile device.

Our goal in making the site accessible is to create equal opportunities in the Internet space for people with diverse disabilities and people who use various assistive technologies when surfing the Internet.

Website accessibility adjustments

Accessibility adjustments have been made on this website in accordance with the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (T.I. 5568) and accessibility of content on the Internet at AA level in combination with the recommendations of the WCAG2.0 document published through the international organization W3C that deals with Internet standards.

Adjustments made to the site have been reviewed using the most common browsers: Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. For a pleasant and optimal browsing experience with screen reading software we recommend using NVDA software in the latest version

In order to make the site accessible to people with disabilities, a large number of actions were performed, including:

A noticeable and obvious visual change when hovering over the clickable (clickable) elements that appear on the site, for example: the menus on the site, links and buttons.

• Adding dedicated mechanisms to stop the videos playing on the site pages.

• Installation of a dedicated component that allows the background color to be changed to black in certain elements that appear on the site in order to create a high contrast between the color of the component / content and the background.

• Gain a prominent focus that includes a clear frame when navigating the site using the keyboard.

• Convenient and simple site structure to operate with the mouse and using the keyboard.

• Adding a complete and detailed site map that includes all the pages of the site for better and easier orientation.

• Allows you to quickly switch to the main content on the page when you press the TAB key.

Adjustments made on the site for surfers who use screen reading software:

· Adding an alternative text suitable for the images that appear on the site.

· Use appropriate titles and be protected according to the information that appears in them and the structure of the page.

· Adding appropriate and clear labels to all the input fields that appear on the site.

Using the Aria label command to adjust the various components of the screen reading software.

Use simple and clear language on all pages of the site.

Using a component to change color contrast on the site

As part of the website accessibility process, a dedicated component was implemented that allows the background color to be changed to black of the various elements in order to adjust the visibility and information that appears in them for people with visual impairments.

To activate the component, click with the mouse on the “Contrast” link that appears at the top of the site. You can press it with the mouse or navigate to it when using the keyboard keys (when pressing the TAB key).

The accessibility and guidance regarding accessibility of the Aroma Espresso Bar website was performed by the WEB-A team, website accessibility, accessibility of applications and advanced systems.

Accessibility in branches

One in five people in Israel is a person with a physical or mental disability, but not always a person with a disability receives a service that suits his needs. This means that he can not get where he wants, whenever he wants, and receive proper service like any other customer and this is because the service is not accessible to him everywhere. This is not necessarily an exceptionally special or different service. We all want to feel equal. Accessibility means that any person with any disability will be able to live his life independently and with dignity. Accessible service is a worldview, we must provide it as long as we are engaged in providing service to customers, to people.

In order for everyone to enjoy them, our branches have been made accessible according to the requirements of the law, and in accordance with the guidelines of qualified accessibility licensees, both physically and in terms of service accessibility. However, it is possible that from time to time various defects will be discovered in various branches. We, of course, work continuously to prevent such defects, and to address them when they are discovered, in order to improve the accessibility of the branches to all our customers. The accessibility arrangements of each branch appear on the branch page on the website.

All branches offer Braille menus produced by the Central Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired (RA), which operates on a non-profit basis in order to fulfill the right of the blind, visually impaired and people with disabilities to read, educate and enjoy information, culture and current affairs. In addition, there are menus adapted for the visually impaired that were prepared in collaboration with and directed by the ‘Between the Lines’ studio, a studio for designing graphics and content that was established together with the Shekel Association, and integrates employees with special needs.

An inspiration loop is placed in each branch, a device that neutralizes background noise for hearing-impaired customers, and allows them to clearly hear the cashier when ordering at the checkout.

All branches have a messaging service for deaf and hard of hearing customers, in addition to taking the customer’s name when ordering at the checkout, the mobile phone number is taken, when the order is ready a message is sent (SMS) to the customer to pick it up from the counter. This is how the deaf or hard of hearing customer knew that his order was ready.

To go to the page that lists the accessibility arrangements at all Aroma Espresso Bar branches, click on the following link: Accessibility arrangements at Aroma Espresso Bar branches.

The Aroma Espresso Bar team believes that every person with a disability should have the ability to read and understand the information that appears on the website in an equal, enjoyable and experiential way.

This site has undergone special changes and adjustments using the latest and most appropriate technology for the needs of our customers and surfers on the site. It is important to note, however, that some elements may be found that are not fully accessible or are in the process of being accessible to people with disabilities. Have you encountered an element that is not accessible on the site? Contact us and we promise to check and improve it as soon as possible and of course to provide you with the best service quickly, personally and to your satisfaction.

Inquiries regarding accessibility

Aroma Espresso Bar has appointed Mr. Noam Gedaliah as the company’s accessibility coordinator. For further inquiries, questions, clarifications or special requests regarding the accessibility of the website and the accessibility of the cafes, you can contact him by the following means:

Full name: Noam Gedaliah


Mobile: 054-4545250 (can also be contacted via text message / WhatsApp message)

The accessibility statement was updated on 11.05.22

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