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To find out the balance on Aroma cards, enter the number on the card, to the left of the hyphen

?What is it


  • balance: 400 NIS
  • validity: 23/10/2023


Recent actions

Environmental responsibility

We recognize our responsibility towards the environmental impacts of our operation and activity, and work to reduce these impacts.



Our activities

We are constantly exploring practical and creative methods to reduce our paper and plastic usage


For about a decade, organic waste has been disposed of separately at our Ella Valley factories (which includes the roasting house, bakery, and fresh fruit factory) in cooperation with the “Good Energy Initiative”. Every day, approximately two tons of organic waste is produced, all of which is transported for biological recovery via animal feeding. This initiative eliminates unnecessary air pollution of transportation of the waste to landfills in the Negev, and in particular, eliminates GHG emissions of waste within the landfill itself. In addition, animal feed via organic waste usage eliminates the need for production and transportation of industrial animal feed mixtures.


 To submit more environmentally-friendly ideas and suggestions, please contact Noam Gdalyahu at