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Company offices: Yigal Alon 1 Beit Shemesh
Phone: 03-6124014 | Fax: 02-6361068

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    Recent actions

    Fresh Fruit Factory


    Established in 2008, our factory produces fruit kits for juice, smoothie bases, sauces, spreads, antipasti, cooked legumes, soups and fresh stews for the chain’s branches on a daily basis. In the factory, we transform culinary dreams into innovative, high-quality and consistent products.

    Technology and uniqueness

    From a culinary dream to a dish

    We strive to serve our customers with quality, fresh and consistent product with with every order.

    The unique production process in our factory, which combines advanced technology and human touch, allows us to create innovative, high-quality and super-delicious products.

    Fresh fruits and vegetables arrive at the factory daily, where they are washed, peeled, cut, carefully packaged and sent off to be included in our customers’ favorite meals, such as: soups, spreads, antipasti, fresh fruit kits for juices and more.


    In the state-of-the-art kitchen, located within the factory, professionals develop new and unique products for the company. Our turmeric and honey ginger drink is the perfect example. The base of the drink is extracted from a cold squeeze of ginger and turmeric roots, combined with honey, cinnamon extract and fresh lemon. Once completed, the product undergoes encapsulation and freezing.


    Our Technology and Uniqueness

    We produce a wide range of products in our factory on a daily basis: we roast various vegetables, such as peppers and eggplants, which is transformed into our delicious antipasti, which is served in our customers’ salads and sandwiches.

    Many spreads, including our loved spicy pepper spread, pesto and olive spread is produced here as well. The basis of our unique BOWL bowls – white rice, quinoa, burgul, and other legumes – are freshly cooked each morning at the factory.

    Our favorite soups are also bubbling here, with no soup powder, artificial flavor or preservatives, as well as shakshuka and delicious stews..

    The products, which are carefully packaged to maintain quality and nutritional values, are then sent to the branch kitchens – in Israel, the United States and Canada


    We have been cooperating with the “Good Energy Initiative” for approximately a decade. Our cooperation encourages the separation and usage of the organic waste in our Ella Valley factories (which includes the roasting house, bakery, and fresh fruit factory). Every day, approximately two tons of organic waste is produced, all of which is transported for biological recovery via animal feeding. This initiative eliminates unnecessary air pollution of transportation of the waste to landfills in the Negev, and in particular, eliminates GHG emissions of waste within the landfill itself. In addition, animal feed via organic waste usage eliminates the need for production and transportation of industrial animal feed mixtures.

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