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  • balance: 400 NIS
  • validity: 23/10/2023


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The roasting house

This is where the Aroma begins… Starting with the unique combination of quality coffee blends, to roasting and finally to experiencing the taste of the fresh cup of roasted coffee – in Israel, Canada, and the United States.

Combination of mixtures, roasting and cooling

The roasting house, established in 1999, houses advanced roasting machine. Beans arrive at the roasting house from great distances, such as, Central and South America, East Africa and India. The various beans are combined to form our unique blend, which has been developed and refined over the years. We roast the beans on a daily basis. Each month, 40 tons of coffee beans are distributed from the roasting house, in Israel, Canada and the United States


Here’s a sip of the process which the beans go through at the roasting house



The roasting process is the primary and critical stage in developing the coffee flavor. Therefore, each of our coffee types undergo a process of roasting, with the ideal method and temperature which best suits it, allowing us to maximize flavor and aroma



Immediately after roasting, we cool the beans using special cooling fans for several minutes



We package our bean mixtures within packaging which is designed to preserve freshness and taste. Our packaging has a special valve, which allows the coffee beans to emit carbon dioxide, but does not allow oxygen to potentially penetrate and damage the beans’ aroma

Our capsules

Aside from the cappuccino beans, espresso, decaf and black coffee which are roasted and packaged in the roasting house, we are also proud to produce our own coffee capsules.

In a unique and innovative manufacturing process, developed at the roasting house, we reduce the release of carbon dioxide from the coffee in the capsule. This is how  the coffee preserves our special aroma and taste